Slow down and Eat

In contemporary America, we are faced with all kinds of anxieties when it comes to what we eat. Whether it be for political, economic, health safety, aesthetic, or convenience reasons, Americans are consumed by mixed messages on what to purchase and how to eat in the safest, cheapest, and most convenient ways possible.

But this is food we’re talking about, one of nature’s greatest gifts. Eating, being one of life’s greatest pleasures should not be approached with fear and convenience obsession, but rather with a more responsible perspective. How can we eat well while still maintaining some degree of responsibility towards ourselves and our environment?

The purpose of this blog is to offer the public an alternative way to eat; responsibly, ethically, healthily, and most importantly, deliciously. You, the consumer, have the power to choose.

Topics of current concern will be discussed such as:

  • How to eat responsibly
  • What does it mean to maintain a “Local” diet?
  • Current issues in the food industry world
  • Ethical treatment of farm workers and animals
  • Local Organizations promoting Slow Food living
  • Fruit/Veggie growing seasons, when do our favorite foods taste best?
  • Events
  • Politics of food

Together we can work towards eating the healthiest foods, prepared in the most delicious ways, without harming ourselves, our environment, our wallets, and our contemporary conceptions of convenience.

So, sit back, slow down, and take a bite.

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