California’s Prop 2! How it benefits you!

I don’t know about you but I definitely had my fair share of celebrations with the Obama win and all. We are at a truly historic time in our country’s history.

If you are from California, we had a pretty epic line-up of propositions this election. Of the important ones that passed, the 63.3% vote in favor of Prop 2 shows that we Californians have what it takes to move in the right direction towards eating ethically and responsibly! wooooo!

It seems that everyone agreed that paying a little more for our meat and dairy products is worth it to improve the quality of life of chickens and cows that sit cooped up in slaughterhouses awaiting their demise, all for our culinary pleasure. I’m no PETA fanatic, but this proposition made sense to me. Why should these animals be confined into an insanely small space, living in incredibly low quality conditions just so large distributors can make money in the cheapest ways possible?

You’d think with America’s obsession with food that passes health inspection codes, that this proposition would have been proposed earlier, but at least we can say we’re finally going to get our act together on a much larger scale.

Unhumanely Kept Hens at an Egg Farm
Unhumanely Kept Chickens at an Egg Farm in California

The specific requirements of this proposition include:

  • Prohibition of confining farm animals in cages that disallow them to stand up, sit down, turn around freely, and fully extend their limbs.
  • Specifically, the ban prohibits dense confinement of egg laying poultry, as well as specifically designed crates for mothering pigs and veal calves.
  • Violation of this proposition will result in a misdemeanor charge and up to $1000 in fines.

You may be thinking, “ok great, so now I have to pay 25% more for my eggs” but here are the ways that this proposition benefits YOU, the consumer:

  • Healthier Eggs/Meat/and Poultry
  • Tastier products (less stress from the animal=better tasting products!)
  • Sounder Sleep (were working towards ending animal cruelty and eating more ethically and responsibly!)

Endorsers such as The Sierra Club, the Center for Food Safety, and the Organic Consumers Association all agree that by spending as little as a penny more per egg produced, we as a community can create conditions for our animals that improve their quality of life, as well as ours.

For more information on the details of this proposition, visit.

Some other helpful links:

Thanks for making the right choice on this one California!

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