Homegrown Education

Has all this talk about pesticides and genetically modified seeds killed your appetite for the commerically produced stuff??


You are now ready to start considering the many alternatives to your consumerist lifestyle. No longer do you need to be dependent on the faceless grocery gods to put food on your table. Now you may be asking, “How am I supposed to get fresh zucchinis, and lettuce, and tomatoes, and and and ALL THOSE OTHER FRUITS AND VEGGIES, if I boycott the supermarket?!”

Well my dear friends, the simplest answer is to grow them yourself! Yes! that’s right, growing your own fruits and vegetables not only shrinks your carbon footprint and saves your funds, but it’s also immensely satisfying! What could be better than biting into a tangy, juicy, ruby red tomato that you plucked off the vine from your own garden? The students of the Garden Club at Pitzer College in So Cal seem to understand the distinction…

I was lucky enough to meet with these students to discuss some of the benefits of growing your own produce. They even offer some really great tips on how to go about starting your own garden. Check out the video below to learn from these groundbreaking (hah no pun intended) students.

…P.S. I shot/edited this video in a very short amount of time because I wanted to put it up onto the site as soon as possible…It says it’s 7:37 mins long, but its only about 5:30.

No more complaining about the high cost of buying organic, because nothing is cheaper than doing it yourself!! Thanks Pitzer Kids… I’m going to go pick myself somethin’ tasty.

5 thoughts on “Homegrown Education

  1. Alec

    That is simply not true – time is not free and it takes a lot of it to grow your own food. That is why we have specialization of labor, which allows us to have such high standards of living. If everyone was growing their own food all the time in small plots who would innovate computer technology, create vaccines and other countless productive activities?

    1. I can definitely agree with that perspective; however, you dont have to grow an entire garden by yourself, by even growing say…your own herbs, is at least making a small contribution to the environment and yourself. And I think that is kind of a huge generalization, let’s say that everyone DID start growing their own stuff, I dont think that that would be enough to completely snuff the development of advanced computer techonology and the progression of society as a whole… If anything it would be beneficial. Think about how much energy and industry attention goes to creating more machinery to simply drive us further into the vaccuum monopoly of the industrialized food. The only way to turn it around is to combat it, and make a statement.

      I respect your perspective but at the same time, its hugely generalized.

  2. I really like this post, where your own personal writing style, mixed with your expertise about food, is colored by your voice as a documentarian focusing on other voices you support. it will be interesting to see how you handle representing the voices of people you strongly disagree with…Alex

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