Monsanto: Laughing in the face of Recession

Just when I thought Monsanto couldn’t monopolize the industry any more than they already have, the company’s Roundup Ready 2 soybean strain has been approved for use in the European Union. Awesome.

A statement from Monsanto’s executive vice president of global commercial business, Brett Begemann concludes that, “The European Union regulatory approval demonstrates the growing acceptance of Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans throughout the world.” Throughout the WORLD?! My god, what is the “world” coming to? And does this “world” really accept Monsanto’s zombie soybeans or is it the money hungry food execs that see this as a good business venture, forcing the rest of us to passively observe?
I hope this doesn’t mean that soon other countries will have to experience what it means to eat food that isn’t actually…food Our dear friend Brett has included that the company is committed to the promise that this soy bean variety will double soy bean yields by 2030.

“As we look to deliver on our commitment to double yield by 2030, Roundup Ready 2 Yield is critical. This trait is important not only for its weed control and yield benefits, but because it serves as the platform for future soybean technologies that will deliver additional value to farmers and others.”

The acceptance of Monsanto’s synthetic soybeans delivers two very problematic consequences.

1) This ensures that more funding and interest will continue to be put into producing advancements and innovative strategies for biotechnology product launches, especially those focusing on the food industry.

2)Monsanto is continuing to make money off of their industrialized food, while everyone else in the country and abroad is starving to death in the face of an world-wide economic meltdown. Observe: The following graph is a picture of Monsanto’s quarterly dividends…. things seem to be looking up. *Cough*

Monsanto's Quarterly Dividend
Monsanto's Quarterly Profit/Loss Dividend

In Fact, the company has been doing SO well recently that they have reaffirmed their goal to double 2007’s profits by 2012… I don’t hear Circuit City or Bally Total Fitness bragging about their quarter’s profitable season, oh wait. that’s because they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy….

For constantly updated information on Monsanto’s happily inflating share price, visit:



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