Fear Not: Raw Milk Cheese

 Since the 1940s the FDA prohibited production/importation of any raw milk cheese that hadn’t been aged at least 60 days. Why? Well…because raw milk chese is unpasteurized (heated above 140 Degrees) and is in theory chock full of harmful, death causing bacteria…While most of the cheese in the States is produced industrially, and therefore pasteurized, this regulation was not a real problem; however, shortly after, a movement of angry(?) American Artisan cheesemakers ignited in order to bring back the traditional methods of cheese production, using raw milk and traditional technology, produced on a much smaller scale than say… Kraft’s zombie cheese. (I hesitate to call American cheese, cheese, but for all intents and purposes..)

Sadly, at the same time that these artisan producers were “Bringin’ back” the old ways of cheese-making, an industrial cheese producer used fresh Mexican style cheese in one of its products that ended up  making a lot of people pretty sick, and even killed a few. What did this disaster mean for the American people? BAN ALL RAW MILK CHEESE!!IT’S EVIILLLLLLLL.

Now, Is this an appropriate reaction? Probably not. If we banned everything that killed people America you could say Ciao Ciao to pretty much everything from McDonald’s, most food products from China, anything with artificial coloring/sweetener, etc….. so basically everything on the industrial menu here in the US of A.

Thankfully, the FDA never went through with the raw milk ban. HOWEVER, they definitely don’t hesitate to remind consumers about the hidden dangers of eating raw milk cheese….to be honest, I am more afraid to eat a piece of the plasticky personality-lacking cheese that is being produced industrially, that is much more likely to make me sick to me stomach in all honesty.

Anywho, even though it is not illegal to produce, artisan cheese producers are having a hard time getting their feet back in the door of the industry. People are too scared to actually enjoy food, and good tasting food no less? Apparently Americans prefer the sterile, hospital quality, ‘SAFE’ foods that are so convieniently offered to the masses by these huge corporations. Many studies have been done however that prove the ability of raw milk cheese to be just as safe as the pasteurized stuff.

The Raw Milk Cheesemakers Association is committed to maintaining traditional standards of raw milk cheese production, and giving these artisan producers the opportunity to continue doing what they do best, making some delicious fresh cheese.

This is yet another example of why us Americans have very little sense of food tradition or craft, because every time something gets too good, we think it’s going to kill us.

Willing to take the risk…? Feast your eyes on some of these delish raw-milk cheeses that you have been missing out on:

"Oregonzola" and "Oregon Bleu" amongst many others from Rogue Creamery
"Oregonzola" and "Oregon Bleu" amongst many others from Rogue Creamery

Selection of Fresh Cheeses from Monteillet Fromagerie in Washington
Selection of Fresh Cheeses from Monteillet Fromagerie in Washington

Raw milk cheese produced by artisans in America is not only delicious but it is also environmentally friendly. Most of this cheese is made by hand or at least in small-scale production facilites, reducing carbon emissions. As well as the fact that most of the animal’s used for this processed are family owned and well treated. PLUS, by purchasing artisan cheese you are not only doing yourself a favor, but you are also supporting the local economy, instead of funding another one of Kraft’s (sorry but this is the biggest industrial cheese producer that comes to mind) new “food system facilities”.


For more info on Raw Milk Cheese, Check out :

Pass the Cheese please? 😉




One thought on “Fear Not: Raw Milk Cheese

  1. nwosurvivalguide

    Awesome post, good healthy cheese is amazingly good for the body. It’s a shame the price of cheese has inflated heavily over the years, it’s damn expensive but well worth it ;-D

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