A spa food revolution, in the kitchen with Chef Jason Graham

So over the holidays I was lucky enough to go to Cal-a-Vie spa in Vista, California.

Aside from living a week in the lap of luxury, the part about this spa that truly intrigued me was the food.

OK, so SPA food is always the go-to phrase for low-cal and healthy diets, usually consisting of a monotonous menu filled with bland poached chicken and steamed generic vegetables….but not at Cal-a-Vie.

Executive Chef Jason Graham of Cal-a-Vie was nice enough to give me an insider’s view of his kitchen, and even told me a couple of quick tips on how to make food healthy without compromising taste. Let’s put it this way, cheesecake shows up on his “spa” menu more than once! The chef also makes it a priority to use seasonal fruits and vegetables that he purchases at farms in the local area. It was  the freshest most flavor rich produce I have had since my excursion in Italy.

Check out the video below for a walk through the Kitchen.

P.S. sorry for the huge delay on making entries. My brain escaped me over the past few weeks.


2 thoughts on “A spa food revolution, in the kitchen with Chef Jason Graham

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  2. wanda huizenga

    Hi there ! My friend Tina and I had a fabulous time at Cal a vie…and we just loved your cooking….beside the fact you are cute….lol keep in touch…Wanda

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