New food in a Crap-ola Economy

Sitting in class I began to think about our continously deteriorating economy… Are we on the brink of breadlines? Probably not… but what is the priority of preserving environmentally sound food systems in the hellish economy we now face?

In my opinion, developing a palate for the push away from GMO foods would actually probably save  us money in the longrun, devoting more funding towards the exploration/development of food systems that benefit our wallets and stomachs.

What do you think? Is there/should there be space for focus on food in the world economy at this point? or are industrialized food sources here to stay and grow to even more astronomically large and monopolized levels?

Also, with Obama as the supposed Messiah of the world, do you really think he will do much to save the current state of our national health and food mentality, or are we (for lack of a better phrase) Gastronomically screwed?

There is so much potential for new jobs to be created in these fields, it is just a matter of motivation and strength of knowledge within the global market. (both by consumers and producers)


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