The ‘mazin raisin..

This morning I was doing my usual thing, having a snack, checking my vitals online, and I bit into the most disgust-o raisin my tastebuds have ever encountered.

Randomly, my room is equipped with two variations of raisin: the store-bought trail mix variety, and a huge tub of organic raisins I picked up from the Irvine farmer’s market last week.

Inspired by the rancid taste in my mouth, I made a video comparing the two. Check it out below: Also, I’ll apologize in advance, I realize the frozen picture looks like something you might find in your hamster cage, but I swear they’re raisins, my camera just cant handle their intensity


So which would you prefer to eat? Raisins grown in California, a climate that is notoriously known for the best damn grapes this side of Italy? Or the generrrric zommbiee rawwwwwrrrrr

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