The Coke Hits the Fan: No Mentos Necessary

Despite the fact that since the beginning of our recession America’s net worth as fallen an approximate 22.7%, somehow companies like Coca-Cola are still coming up with ways to rise above the rest.


Being the good American patriot that I am, I like (have become obsessed) to be in the know about the state of our impressive (depressive?) economy. This morning began with yet another, “Unfortunately today on Wallstreet…”coming from the talking head on T.V. I think hearing those 4 words on an everyday basis for the past 18 months has made them become something of a mantra for me, Ommmmmmmmmmm. *ahem* anyway….

Large companies like The Coca-Cola company that produce the foods that we all know and love (*cough*) are even being affected by the recessive state of our economy… but what does this really mean in terms of the BIGGER picture? How much money are these mega-companies actually losing?

Coca-colas 4Q profit-loss
Coca-colas 4Q profit-loss

Sure it has lost 18% of its revenues this quarter, but what does this really mean? Down from quarter’s profits ($1.21 billion dollars, or $.53 cents a share), the company still earned a measley $995 million this quarter.

Stated in the article found on,

“Unit case volume grew 4 percent during the quarter, with the volume of trademark Coke rising 2 percent. Last month the company launched a new “Open Happiness” global marketing campaign to renew its focus on soft drinks to appeal to consumers looking to pay less.”

Looking to pay less consumers? Perhaps I might turn you on to a new innovative beverage….WATER

Water is FREE, can be found just about EVERYWHERE (sorry desert folk), and (if you are drinking from a filter or the tap) does NOT create more trash and consume a ridiculoid amount of energy.

oh, and it’s kinda good for you too… at least that’s what I hear.

Moral of the story? In the hellish economy in which we currently find ourselves, do NOT feel like you need to resort to mass produced products and fast food because it is the CHEAPEST option. It may be convenient, but the cheapest options are home-grown fruits and veg, a trip to your local farmers market, and a drink from the tap.

Let’s start thinking economically folks…

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