A Spoonful of Mercury helps the medicine go down

After testing a handful of 55 brand-name products containing High Fructose Corn Syrup, it was found that nearly a third of these products were contaminated with Mercury. Grrreaatttttt.

What we origninally thought about the health concerns for high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) consumption (such as Diabetes and Obesity to name a few) have now become astronomically larger with the finding that a significant amount of these products containing HFCS have tested positive for mercury.

To give you a few statistics: Americans consume about 12 tbsp of HFCS daily, severely increasing the likelihood that you will consume one of these mercury ridden products, if you haven’t been eating the tasty stuff already.

According to the USA Today article that I just read:

In the first study, published in current issue of Environmental Health, researchers found detectable levels of mercury in nine of 20 samples of commercial HFCS.

And in the second study, the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), a non-profit watchdog group, found that nearly one in three of 55 brand-name foods contained mercury. The chemical was found most commonly in HFCS-containing dairy products, dressings and condiments.”Original Article

While there have also been studies testing that there are products containing HFCS that is made in a way that is mercury-free, you can never be so sure about what you are consuming these days. Just think, how many liters of soda containing HFCS have you been drinking lately? Can you hear your brain cells popping?

OK, ok… So you want to give up the sweet stuff but you can’t break your sugar addiction? Try, Agave Nectar

Agave Nectar: Naturally Sweet
Agave Nectar: Naturally Sweet

What is Agave Nectar?

  • Agave nectar is a produced from the core of the Mexican Agave plant (the same one that makes Tequila! Aye!) It is a natural sweetener that is sweeter than honey but not quite as thick.

Where can I buy it?

  • Basically any health food store, though I have seen it at some big name grocery stores too.

Can I cook with it?

  • Yes, you can cook with agave nectar, but you might need to make some adjustments on your sugar proportions for a regular sugar recipe.

Other Health Benefits?

  • All Natural
  • Low-Glycemic (good news for Diabetics)
  • No Mercury
  • Good for Raw foodists because it is produced at a tempurature under 118 Degrees.
  • Know what you’re eating, this stuff comes straight from the plant, no hidden poison.

So there you have it folks, try to ease yourself off the high fructose corn syrup or you could wind up with a brain as metallic as the tin man’s.  Either that or in an agressive mercury induced rage, cursing to yourself on the side of the freeway onramp.



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