Fascism and Organics: What’s New at Costco?

Costco has jumped on the bandwagon and begun to market to the organic obsessed consumer. The Kirkland Signature line has now begun to mass produce organic products ranging from milk to salad fixings…but something doesn’t seem quite right…

Costco: Where bigger is better!!!!!!!#($&*%#)#$
Costco: Where bigger is better!!!!!!!#($&*%#)#$

Alright, I can’t lie, being the good American that I am, I love going to Costco every now and then and buying massive amounts of crap I don’t need. And now,  for my consumer convenience, I can go there and buy an 18 pound bag of carrots, but no need to worry folks these are organic carrots, produced by the Kirkland Signature brand…


The way Costco is marketing this shift to organic produce and dairy products is by playing the “we’ll save the economy” card. “Sure organic stuff is expensive, but when Costco can cut the price in half, and sell you about 234325345 times more than you need, why wouldn’t you want to buy it?!”

This is where it gets fishy… Costco says you can buy cheap and still be environmentally friendly.. but then how are they justifying the ridiculous packaging and preparation processes that make these organic products so cute and convenient?

For example, in a Costco article discussing what consumers can look forward to, here is what they have to say about their organic apple line:

  • “These hearty, good-for-you, crisp apples are pre-cored and cut into wedges for the ease of eating…Equally nice is the fact that these organic apples are packed in one-cup, single serving portions.”

Ok, I am sorry, but with all the plastic and energy they are using to package this stuff, they may as well just open a few more nuclear plants around the country and call it a day.

Do apples really need to be pre-sliced and cored for the ease of eating?! Why don’t we just have a convientent robot we can buy that will manually move our jaws open and closed to ease chewing? and then another robot that will wiggle our throats to ease the swallowing process? Are you freaking kidding me?

I am happy that Costco is willing to jump on the organic train (even if it is only for business purposes) but in my humble opinion this is a one step forward, two steps back plan.


o Increased demand for organic products=more farms converting to organic practices. (as of now less than 10% of American farms are certified organic)

o Allows the average American to eat a healthy organic diet at their own convenience, perhaps offering an motivation with increased availability to buy organic.

o Lowers prices of organic products (though there is a con to this that I will address momentarily)

o According to Costco, the organic foods are supplied by a ‘variety of regional farmers’


o These organic products are still being processed in large plants (how else do you think that this stuff gets distributed all over the country by the truckload…or by the bargeload)

o Costco will never break its fascist ways of slapping their Kirkland name on it and packaging it in a way that costs more than the product itself.

o Plastic packaging and the machines that do so are bad for the environment.

o Though the prices of these products are lower, how many of you can go to Costco and come out spending less than $500 dollars, “Sure honey, we definitely needed that automatic milkshake maker with a built in plasma T.V.”   (I think not)

Therefore, If you are going to go to Costco and buy organic, good for you, but keep in mind that your buying bulk organic is not going to single-handedly solve the world’s environmental problems. It might be better for your health, but you’ll still be breathing in the pollution omitted from their processing plants…

oh, and Here is an article I read about Costco’s new business endeavour to ‘go organic’. The language used in this article seems a little manic to me… Read it for a good laugh. Love the propaganda.

3 thoughts on “Fascism and Organics: What’s New at Costco?

  1. Also – to comment on the pre-cored and cut up apple. Preservatives MUST BE used in order to keep a whole food looking fresh once it’s flesh has encountered air. Organically grown or not, once a preservative is used, it starts to break down the nutritional value and viability of the whole food. Great post!

    1. totally true!

      but if you read that costco article they ASSURE us that the preservatives used are solely absorbic acid (vitamin C) but this still totally defeats the purpose. If I am buying organic, I still want to see the dirt from the farm on the outside of my produce! haha

  2. I mean, good for them for attempting to mitigate their icky box-store philosophy for once, but really: is all that packaging necessary?? And are there any farms near these Costcos?? I doubt it, which means all that shipping is canceling out the organic factor. Sigh.

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