Obama Loves Monsanto: Bill HR 875

Congress is working on a bill: HR 875 (aka the Food Modernization Act of 2009) that if passed would allow only ‘federally sanctioned’ seeds and produce to be grown and consumed in the name of ‘food safety’. The passing of this bill would also mean no more backyard gardens, community growing spaces, or small farms, as these are obviously an enormous threat to public health.

The Future of Food? Yeah, this looks safe...
The Future of Food? Yeah, this looks safe...

The monopoly man just rained some bills on Monsanto, literally.

I don’t even know how to begin this entry besides the obvious action of staring at my computer screen with my mouth hanging stupidly open. IS THIS THE KIND OF CHANGE WE SHOULD HAVE HOPED FOR OBAMA?!

While the intent of the bill is to assure a large-scale public safety in food regulation, the catastrophic repercussions seem to really outweigh the benefits. Lets compare them together shall we?


  1. Cleaner food distribution
  2. Standardized Prices (this could be good or bad)
  3. More government push towards environmentally friendly growing techniques (one would hope)
  4. Less parasite outbreaks from bad food (though these usually come from commercially produced products, anyone remember the peanut butter scare?)

Cons: (sorry this is obviously bias) Under the provisions of this law you could NOT legally:

  1. Buy heirloom seed and then harvest and re-use your own seed.
  2. You could ONLY legally purchase governmentally distributed seeds (aka Monsanto’s zombie seed of death!)
  3. You could NOT raise your own seed and sell, or even GIVE them to a neighbor.
  4. You would no longer be able to take your kids down to the local “pick-your-own” blueberry or strawberry farms, or buy from the roadside backyard grower of garden vegetables, or even grow your own vegetable plants, fruit trees, or nut trees, for your own consumption!!

For more information, read the FACTS at http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext.xpd?bill=h111-875

Here is a link to read about the current status of HR 875 that is being considered by Congress.

PLEASE read up and take action to make sure this doesn’t get through. If this is some kind of attempt at saving capitalism, it will have contradictory effects, and simultaneously destroy our local sense of sustainability, and our ability to complete basic tasks (eating) without the interference of GObama.

13 thoughts on “Obama Loves Monsanto: Bill HR 875

  1. Gerald

    Maybe if you didn’t use terms like “Monsanto’s zombie seed of death!” people would take your concerns seriously.

  2. Alan

    I hear Food and Water Watch backs this bill. They must be under conrtol of Monsanto too. This is one deep conspiracy and credit Linn Cohen Cole at OpEdNews for uncovering it when there is so little evidence at hand to support it. Of course, that’s because Monsanto does such a great job of covering its tracks on these things. I mean, it’s just like the Matrix and Linn is our Neo!
    (The above is sarcasm for those of you who take everything you read on a blog as literal. That’s exactly how so many people got this thing so bass-ackward)

    As you write to your elected officials to oppose the Monsanto bill that will wipe out heirloom tomatos, you only give them reason to ignore blogger grass roots movements making wild claims about sinister corporate plots by agribusiness.

    Some poor guy from Monsanto has been persistently trying to tell people on OpEdNews that his company is not behind this (never seen Monsanto do this before). Now they are taking a vote to see if they should bannish him from posting to the site. Not very first-amendment-like of them. But more detrimental is the fact so many kooks are so incestuous in the development of their ideas that paranoid notions become facts in a complete vacuum of relevant information–like the text of the bill, a call to DeLauro’s office, the Food and Water Watch web site, etc.

    How in the hell is Obama going to support a bill to shut down gardens even as Mrs. Obama is planting one on the White House lawn. It makes no sense–especially when it’s not even in the bill.

    People need to stop acting so loony.


  3. shannon

    Please provide evidence that this bill is coming from Obama in any way shape or form. I am all for shouting down the bill, but after doing some research of my own I’m confused as to why you are attributing its origin to the Obama administration. If you can’t back that up then you are spreading false information that will likely alienate Obama supporters from helping out the cause.

  4. shannon

    I followed the link, and saw that it was introduced by congresswoman Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut. Where are you seeing that it was proposed by Obama’s cabinet? Please provide a source.

  5. Jessica

    This is no joke people!! Wake up!! Monstano and Codex Alimentarium are trying to control our food!! They are degenerating our food and are adding pesticides known to poision people. As of March 23,2009 dietary supplements and vitamin b6 have been labeled drugs. It is beginning and a doctor who has researched for years thinks close to 3 BILLION people could die from what they are planning. WAKE UP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!! Get mad and start planning, cause it’s happening no matter what.

  6. Maybe if you didn’t use terms like “Monsanto’s zombie seed of death!” people would take your concerns seriously.

    Maybe if you did your research, you’d discover Monsanto seeds are genetically modified to include a terminator gene, co-developed by the USDA (gov’t) and Monsanto (gov’t subsidized pseudo-monopoly), which renders plants and seeds sterile, biologically preempting farmers from replanting seeds from last year’s crop.

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  8. Kimberly

    This is more frightening than many of us realize. My husband, a Dutch agronomist, has been predicting for over ten years that Monsanto would be part of this type of global control.
    Try reading the book of Revelation. If you understand it, you will see that this type of control over the world’s food, water and economy have been predicted for two thousand years. At the second-to-last G20 meeting they spent a considerable amount of time discussing the “need” for a single global currency and banking system (also predicted in Revelation). Once you get the picture, it will inevitably frighten you. Then try reading the book of John to find hope.
    Our post-modern, humanistic society has brainwashed many to avoid any belief in the supernatural and deemed it as only for the simple and unintelligent. Any rational person must begin to consider the Biblical evidence that so clearly describes our times. Hope is not gone, but our times are growing dim.

  9. Peta

    Having read a good of HR 875 on thomas.gov, could you please tell me where it says that we could 1. only purchase governmentally distributed seeds, 2. not raise our own own seeds or 3. buy from a local farm stand. I just can’t find it and would very much like to. Thank you.

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