The Veggie Grill: A Restaurant Review

This past weekend I indulged in some delish fare from The Veggie Grill, located in Irvine California at the Irvine Spectrum.

Strolling through the overly crowded outdoor mall on a Sunday can be a draining event, so as my stomach began to rumble I decided to take a lunch break at The Veggie Grill.

The Veggie Grill is an all Vegan restaurant, offering even the most squeemish eaters a delicious introduction to the world of soy meat and vegetables. Here, even the most manly of men can order a crispy ‘chickin’ sandwich with a side of fries (SWEET POTATO FRIES THAT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL THEYRE SO GOOD).

Anywho, I walked up to the counter and ordered my chinese ‘chicken’ salad and a side of sweetheart fries, took my number and sat down at a fabulous table outside in the sun. My salad came and though I was a little skeptical to try the ‘chickin’ I was VERY pleasantly surprised with the texture and overall taste. As you folks know, sometimes the vegan stuff can taste like absolute cardboard….not very good press for those promoting healthier eating.

The ambiance is a little stark but they do a nice job to keep the atmosphere as warm and friendly as possible. And honestly, the line is constantly out the door, something I found quite surprising considering vegan food isn’t the most tempting cuisine for those who aren’t gastro-curious.

Overall Review? 4/5 stars.

  • Great Service
  • Great Food
  • Close to my house (always a plus, less carbon emissions from my car….)

It’s not an upscale place, but a great place to grab a casual bite to eat.

For more info check out: The Veggie Grill


2 thoughts on “The Veggie Grill: A Restaurant Review

  1. Sara H.

    Sweet potato fries are always dangerous. And it seems like you’re starting to get the hang of this vegan thing. Yay Michelle.

  2. mrusername

    Not to spoil your day, but, Pilgrim’s Pride, Inc. kills 45 million birds a week. Oh, PETA, or Squeaky Frohmm, where are you?

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