Rocket Fuel in Our Water: Perchlorate Tastes Great!

Though the government isn’t raring to publicize this issue, the drinking water of over 20 million Americans is contaminated with Perchlorate, the main active ingredient in rocket fuel. Thank you Cold War.

Do missles make you thirsty? If not, you might want to be wary the next time you take a sip of water from the tap. Reading over some of the statistics, it’s seriously alarming how much of this contaminent is actually consumed around the country. In Los Angeles alone, almost 10 million of us are drinking water that is contaminated with Perchlorate.

Based on a study conducted by the Environmental Working Group, it was found that at least 43 states contain groundwater and soil that are contaminated. Below is a map of Perchlorate production and contamination sites around the country.

American Perchlorate Production and Contamination Sites
American Perchlorate Production and Contamination Sites. The Brown area is where Perchlorate is produced, and the red dots are known contamination sites.

Alright so what’s the big deal? We drink mineral water that has chemicals in it, so what could possibly be so bad about Perchlorate? HA!

  • Main negative health effect is on the thyroid gland: responsible for controlling growth, development, and metabolism. Abnormal thyroid can lead to fatigue, depression, anxiety, hair loss, weight gain, and worst of all loss of libido!!!!!
  • Hormone imbalances in fetuses and small children–> mental retardation, problems with speech, motor skill deficits, and problems with sexual development.

As if you weren’t disgusted/alarmed enough… Traces of this rocket fuel were found in several powdered baby formulas (see article) around the country. But don’t worry, that’s why they put iodine in formula mix, as this is supposed to counteract the rocket fuel…Perhaps I’m a bit obtuse, but wouldn’t it make sense to just NOT include ROCKET FUEL as a trace ingredient in BABY FORMULA?! ahhhh!

So basically, If you are drinking water, or are mixing up your baby formula (that already might be contaminated with Perchlorate) with contaminated water (thus giving your baby a double dose of rocket fuel) you could be putting yourself and children at some serious health risks.

BUT not to fear, there IS something you can do. As we DO live in some form of democracy, though the status of that I sometimes question, there is currently a petition to California Senator Barbara Boxer and Chairman Waxman to bring action to stop this ridiculous problem.

For more information, please visit:

Click the link and sign the petition, unless of course you like your daily dose of cancer and thyroid disease with your morning coffee ;0)


5 thoughts on “Rocket Fuel in Our Water: Perchlorate Tastes Great!

  1. amillionthingstosmileabout

    Wow! I truly didn’t know this. And this could the only reason hydrogen cars are actually running.
    What else can we do? I mean everything we consume has water in it.
    I’m going to look into this more. Right after I get out of my rocket fuel and dry off. Gah.

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  3. I live in an affected area. How can I find out where I can get clean water? I am having a difficult time finding this online…

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