Organic Cigarettes: Saving your American Spirit, One Puff at a Time!

The Santa Fe Tobacco Co., manufacturer of American Spirit, has come out with a new line of cigarettes featuring organic tobacco, advertising their product as a ‘healthier’ alternative to regular blend cigarettes. What exactly is meant by healthy here?

American Spirit Organic Light Blend
American Spirit Organic Light Blend

Cigarette smokers unite! Now American Spirit cigarettes are not only additive free, but use organic tobacco! Sure, smoking cigarettes isn’t a health choice, but if you are already addicted, why not support environmental sustainability?

I was at the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, CA this weekend, and I saw enough hipsters smoking these things to know they are catching on like wild fire. Apparently, hippies, hipsters, bohemians, junkies, and your average smoker are hopping onto this organic tobacco trend. Just think, at least in these cigarettes there’s no rat poison, cyanide, OR pesticides!

According to the guys over at Sante Fe Tobacco Co. the new American Spirit line has contracted with many small independent organic farms to produce hundreds of thousands of pounds of organic tobacco per year. As larger companies partner up with small organic farms, the opportunities for small farms in other business endeavours are exponentially increased!

Looking over the company’s website, I was particularly impressed with the amount of background info they give on the process and overall purpose of organic farming. Check it out here.

I suppose it seems pretty hypocritical to author a health-focused website and then write a press-release for cigarettes, but you know what? I am not one to judge people for their addictions (we’ve all got somethin’) so if you are having a stressful day at work and are in need of a good lung blackening, at least smoke for a good cause!

37 thoughts on “Organic Cigarettes: Saving your American Spirit, One Puff at a Time!

  1. Leslie

    The nicotine will kill you before the pesticides destroy your neurotransmitters!! This product should be banned along with all other tobacco products.

    1. TKLO

      Shouldn’t people be allowed to make their own choice to whether or not they choose to use a plant for its psychoactive effects? Banning nature seems down right rediculous. American Spirits allow for smokers to actually smoke real tobacco. Whether or not the nicotine will eventually kill the user is the user’s choice. Over indulgence of any substance causes health problems, so maybe people should drop our socialy constructed consumeristic behavior and stop abusing everything.

    2. brad

      Ans so should cell phones,microwaves,xrays,computers,and stupid people like you because there all bad for ya, oh better get rid of all the cars too.

  2. mahniah

    Actually, we don’t know if it’s the tobacco that kills you or the pesticides, etc. that get in the lungs that kill you. All the research was done on poisoned tobacco!

    1. to be quite honest I’m not exactly sure… I know that area is big on agriculture but I am from California, so I know we definitely have a more liberal take on large-scale organic farming, especially considering the tobacco industry has such a high profit margin… Though I will look into it..

  3. Mario

    Personally. even though I have never smoked and I’m 50 years old. With years of experience helping others to get healthier. I believe nicotine is not the problem. but the rest of the chemicals that are added to conventional cigarettes.
    I believe that real tobacco is less addictive, because is less toxic.
    Nicotine is not toxic in itself but just addictive especially when someone lacks nicotinamide, which is vitamin B3. The more toxins you get the more addict you become. Don’t believe me, get informed.

  4. allen JB

    The best thing about organic cigs is the fact that they aren’t allowed to use radioactive fertilizer. This means that you won’t get a large dose of radiation like regular cigs. Each regular cig is equal to 300 chest xrays. This is why people get cancer. Google it.

  5. Lowspark

    Bullshit. There is nothing natural about smoking. Nicotine is the main ingredient. There’s a reason why it’s used in pesticides! Cigarettes are personal pollution devices, with no redeeming values to society whatsoever.
    Were it not for the force of addiction, manipulative marketing and the obscene wealth of the tobacco mongers, amassed over centuries from human slavery and addiction…this curious, disgusting practice would be a thing of the past.
    At least more people are finally catching on…and now that the “stinky” has been removed from “stinky bar” by our smokefree ordinances, we’ve been going out to hear live music a lot, which I didn’t do for over 20 years because of the cigarette stink. It’s so liberating!

    1. Please don’t comment on this blog with messages of this nature. Your opinions about my religion are completely irrelevant to the dicussion of organic cigarettes. I am actually not liberal, I am a libertarian swinging conservative, but I live in Italy so my American political opinions are not important at the moment.

      Please take your ignorance elsewhere.


  6. ben

    “Conservative estimates put the level of radiation absorbed by a pack-and-a-half a day smoker at the equivalent of 300 chest X-rays every year.5 The Office of Radiation, Chemical & Biological Safety at Michigan State University reports that the radiation level for the same smoker was as high as 800 chest X-rays per year.6 Another report argues that a typical nicotine user might be getting the equivalent of almost 22,000 chest X-rays per year.”

    -Taken from

  7. Lindalee23

    I guess I understand that cigarettes, organic and chemical-free or not, are carcinogenic and not good fro your health. I agree completely. I know this, it has reached my brain and been duly noted. However, I suffer from ‘severe destructive Ulcerative Colitis. I bleed continually. I am anemic everyday. I suffer pain that you cannot imagine. I am now facing a diagnosis of possible Crohn’s disease as a companion to the UC. I am totally incapable of taking any of the medications that have so far been prescribed to me. I have raging fevers and bathroom visits that top 20 a day at times. The inside of my mouth sloughs off from taking fever reducers to keep my temperature at 101 degrees while in a flare. I have one hope left, and that is cigarettes. A few people I have met on the internet were in the same predicament I am in and the only thing that has helped them is to smoke cigarettes! I KNOW!!!! It is amazing, but apparently you remain in remission as long as you smoke. Now you may want to stop everyone from smoking and that is a brave and utopian idea, but you have no right to keep me from a possible, somewhat normal life because you do not want ME to smoke. I may in 10 or 15 years die of lung cancer. I will, if things do not change die of complications of this disease in the near future. My life. My choice. I have people that love and depend on me and want as much time with me as possible. I wake up every day to see their faces and know that my choices are few. BUT THEY ARE ‘MY’ CHOICES. I would like to have cigarettes that are as ‘healthy’ as possible. I am sensitive to chemicals because of this disease and I appreciate the opportunity to have that choice. If you can cure me of UC please cure me. SInce you cannot do this, please get out of my way because I do not have the strength to move you and I live a woman of free will. I hope.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. Strange that cigarettes can actually be curative for some ailments. Who knew? have you sought out any type of alternative?? maybe something that has the same effect as tobacco?? Do you roll your cigarettes (considered ‘healthier’)? I hope your condition improves.. Thanks for reading

    2. karen

      I am so sorry to hear you have UC …my son had it and i know how debilitating it can be…yes i did say had it and he is now living a normal life due to a very new type of surger where they take the large intestine completely out and then replace the small intestine as the main eliminator…i hope you look into it i may be explaining it wrong but it worked for him …but back to your point of smoking you are right as long as my son smoked he felt better …as well as with meds too…please contact me about the surgery that is available i would be glad to give you the number to the doctor that did it so he can explain the procedure to you…good luck and God Bless!!!

    3. I have ulcerative colitis as well. I experienced everything you speak of and smoking seems to have quelled my symptoms as well. Do you smoke American Spirits because my stomach kind of burns after smoking them, i don’t feel it as much with other brands.

  8. Bradford

    Cancer rates are skyrocketing and even non smokers get cancer. Nicotine in a clean form is benificial to humans. Get all the chemicals out and the radioactive fertilizers and you have the same stuff or close to what the american indians were smoking and they had NO cancer. Then again don’t smoke and eat only processed foods like alot of indians cause they are all contracting cancer and heart disease. Eating Mcdonalds evereday will kill you FASTER than smoking a pack a day. Smokers have alot less depression and cases of Alziemers. Mnay top scientists in the world STILL smoke even today.

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  10. richard

    first of all, smoking is a choice, and if someone chooses to do so more healthier, then this is the brand I’d suggest smoking. i’ve smoked these for the past year or so and have gone from 2 packs of Marlboro’s a day to smoking these, and only smoking 5-6 cigarettes a day. they’re less addictive, more suitable for the environment, not exactly any cheaper than major brands, but that’s what you pay for if you want something that’s more or less better than what Marlboro’s will give you in their tobacco.

    1. Nancy

      Alcohols doesn’t help the liver much either.and fast food is horrid…No one gets out alive I say enjoy your short stay on the planet earth..and do what makes you happy!

    2. Neither does coal pollution, but what a relief that there’s an option for smokers that’s free of chemicals. There’s a big difference between inhaling a burning plant and inhaling burning chemicals. I quit smoking in December, but it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about smoking. If I ever cave and buy a pack, it’s nice to know that I won’t be pumping the same amounts of toxins into my body that I was with my Camel “Lite”s. And for people who say that the “nicotine will kill you before the pesticides destroy your neurotransmitters,” well that’s just false. Nicotine in moderation actually has some health benefits, it’s the smoke/tar that harms the lungs. I know that cancer is ugly and can hurt people. Many things are and do. I’m really getting sick of hearing people spouting out false info on the subject, though. There’s an entire generation of people who are told and believe that smokers die of lung cancer, period. No statistics, no if you smoke this much you increase your risk by so much. Smoking can kill. But the “Smoking Kills” campaign is just a little much. I obviously know it’s unhealthy. I quit. Everyone in my family has smoked. No one has had any type of cancer. My grandmother smoked a pack a day for 70 years (no lie.) Her lungs were disgusting looking I’m sure. She died because she was 86. If she hadn’t been a smoker she probably would have held on till 90, maybe. People have been smoking for thousands of years. Lung cancer has been a higher risk since the mass production of cigarettes (using chemical additives.) Lung cancer existed before chemicals in tobacco, but I’d be willing to bet that the rise in additives correlates directly to the rise in cigarette induced lung cancer. Anyway, support organic, sustainable farming and enjoy your American Spirits. Never beat yourself or anyone else up over a habit.

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