Swine Flu Follow-up: The Media’s Melodrama..

The previous entry about Swine Flu was written as an attempt to ease the fear that is being perpetuated by the media about this whole situation. Words like “STAGE 5 ALERT LEVEL” and “PANDEMIC” and “DEATH” are swirling around like mad, but the problem really isn’t as severe as the media is portraying it to be..

Let’s put things into perspective.. Every year, about 36000 Americans die as a consequence of human seasonal influenza. Thus far, of the 286 reported cases of swine flu in the U.S., ONE person has died. To realize the true severity of the situation, we just have to compare the numbers.

There has been a decline of cases in Mexico, allowing them to re-open hotels and restaurants and hopefully salvage their absolutely destroyed tourism.

Although a total of 1,025 cases have been reported in 20 countries thus far, the pandemic is in a stage of decline….

Yes, it may seem ridiculous to bypass this problem as a superfluous issue, but like everything else, the media is quite the fearmonger in this situation…

To see the article that inspired my critical analysis: Click Here Gotta love the BBC

What do you think??

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