Cherries and Mouth-gasmic smoothies: It’s summertime!

Well folks, it’s cherry season yet again southern California. Which means, now is the perfect time to head over to your farmers markets and buy them by the bucketload…


How could you resist a huge bowl of slightly crunchy and seductively sweet organic cherries grown locally during their prime season??

Sure they are available year round, but you can definitely tell the difference in taste during their off season. Have you ever bitten into a cherry that tasted kind of like…rubbery water? Was it in December?

Though cherries are delicious on their own… I particularly like to include them in my famous fruit smoothies, and I know their famous because uhm… this random guy came up to me in the supermarket and asked for my autograph…*ahem* whatever it’s not important.

Here’s the recipe for my delish smoothies though, cherries are an essential ingredient.

Grassroot’s Gourmet Cherry-Berry ‘Mouth’gasm
Serves 4: (or one if you’re really thirsty….)

2 scoops soy vanilla icecream (I like soy delicious or soy dream)

1 banana

1 cup cherries (make sure to take the pits out)

1/2 cup blueberries

1 cup strawberries

2tbsp lime juice (key ingredient)

2 cups ice

Place ingredients into blender and blend until smooth-ified.

So go out there and buy some cherries (and beets and sour plums) because, ’tis the season! God how I love summer and its amazing produce…


One thought on “Cherries and Mouth-gasmic smoothies: It’s summertime!

  1. Joe

    I think i just drooled on myself. I may or may not go straight to albertson’s right now and get everything to make that smoothie!

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