The Gluttonous Dark Side: America’s New Bacon Obsession?

Being the starving student that I am, sometimes I find that my hunger can be satiated (repressed) by looking at delicious food porn via the internet (come on I know all of you do it). But recently on my food gawking escapades, I have noticed a trend that is taking place in our glorious country; Bacon worship. It seems like a good portion of food sites are devoted solely to bacon, claiming that it is nothing less than a food from the gods. What’s going on?


Websites like or are devoted to paying homage to the most fattening, bacon laden foods in that I have ever seen, including Bacon Ice Cream, Bacon wrapped hot dogs, chocolate covered bacon, and Bacon caramel. Yes, CARAMEL.

Our country seems to be on the brink of a gastronomical breakdown, split between love for organic, wholesome foods and the antithetic love for the most fattening and gluttonous foods around. Perhaps people have become tired of the organic craze, missing our country’s culinary roots of high cholesterol, high carbon, high calorie ‘delights’.

Restaurants all over the country are banking off this obsession with gluttony. The Heart Attack Grill in Arizona has lured press by making every single one of their items as caloric and disgusting as possible. Not only are the burger buns slathered in lard, but also are the burgers, and fries (fried in lard). The restaurant’s theme is hospital theme, claiming that the food is so good it’s “worth dying for”. Really? Is this the kind of road we need to be taking folks?

Granted, I see why it is easy to become annoyed with all the rich yuppies that are obsessed with shopping ONLY at Whole Foods for organic fare, but what we forget is that eating organic, if you grow it yourself or buy from local farms, is actually cheaper than doing your shopping at commercial stores and going out to eat.

No need to rebel against our organic friends by doing an unhealthy 180 to heart failure. Come on folks, Bacon worship? Is this something to be proud of?!

6 thoughts on “The Gluttonous Dark Side: America’s New Bacon Obsession?

  1. Joe

    But would you look at that burger! who could resist such “food pornography.” Amazing you have some talent keep it coming.

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