Buzzed in the Lounge

For those of us that are not lucky enough to get a ridiculously awesome 2 month vacation, albeit the unemployment, I thought I’d give everyone a play by play of my time so far… even though I am technically still in the country I have not hesitated to take advantage of the free booze in the Air New Zealand lounge, compliments of American Express.

Apparently Virgin Atlantic was too good to have its own lounge at LAX so they had to share with Air New Zealand. I can be ok with that, especially because within 30 seconds of entering the lounge I have been ‘accosted’ by 2 very attractive men with incomprehensible accents asking me what type of beverage i’d like.

Normally I would not accept drinks from men with accents, but in this case….I’ll take what I can.

My mother came up with the brilliant idea of leaving our hosue with 6 hours to spare before our flight, which leaves at 9pm, so most likely i’ll just drink myself to oblivion and wait for my “upper class” virgin atlantic experience. I’ll be taking photos of the accomodations on the aircraft, you know, so all of you can get a taste of the high life… Maybe I’ll sit next to George Clooney and join the mile high club.. Why? because I have class god dammit.

Alright, Cheers to a much needed (though completely unmerited) vacation in Europe.

*downs cheap champagne*

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