Francois the Waiter: A Love Affair

Thanks to American Express, my mom and I get a free breakfast every morning at the Dorchester Hotel here in London, which, may I add, is an amazing deal because the bill comes out to about £51 which in US dollars is about $91. A price that is absolutely ridiculous for 2 croissants, coffee, and juice. Nonetheless, what makes the rest of the price completely worth it is our waiter, whose presence we are graced with each morning..

Francois, or so I have named him, because I am way too chicken to ask his name, is our young French server from Nice who smiles at me from across the room..I have fallen completely in love and I don’t even know his name! What is with me and european men, I am dying. I think at the end of my stay at this hotel I am going to leave him with some contact info so when I get back to London on the 30th I can see him again..

This is a totally irrational obsession, but he is a gorgeous Frenchmen, what do you want me to do? Today he waved good morning to me and forgot to pay attention to another server walking toward him with a huge tray of stuff, they ran into eachother bc he was looking my way and the server dropped everything. This is love folks.

Haha! Anyway, we went to Indian food last night which was absolutely delish. Though, my mom wanted to go to an upscale place (one Michelin star) while I would have been totally content at a hole in the wall Curry House. I guess I’ll have to reserve that for another time. We also saw Westminister Abbey, the burial place of celebrities such as Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton, Mary Shelley, David Livingstone, Lewis Carroll, etc.

OK, that’s all for now, I need to take a cold shower before I start thinking about my french lover again.

Au Revior!


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