Life in Anticipation

It’s funny. Now that people know I am going to this University in Italy, everyone asks me for wine recommendations, food recommendations, restaurant recommendations.. I feel like Jeffery Steingarten already (See: The Man Who Ate Everything)

I have been reading up all of these things about my school, about Carlo Petrini (founder of the Slow-Food movement and my personal hero), and have been talking with all my Italian friends about my anticipated return. This time it’s real folks, no 4 month excursion into uncharted waters, this is me LIVING in another place for an entire year. That is enough time to create a substantial life for myself.

It all happened so quickly too, one moment I’m sitting in my friend’s kitchen, playing on facebook, the next moment I’m taking a tour of my future grad school, and 4 weeks later I’m set to return for a year.

From what I have read so far, the students on my program get into some really interesting culinary situations, Such as:

  • Eating Donkey meat/drinking Donkey milk (donkeys produce milk?)
  • Raw Sea Urchin
  • Raw Clams
  • Unpastuerized dairy products
  • Horse (I’ve actually tried this raw, its pretty nice)

I am in training to be the next Anthony Bourdain, exploring the world one bite at a time.

I arrive on the 13th of November. That is when this adventure will truly begin.


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