Italian Bureaucracy, The Mess That is My Life

Sometimes when dealing with the Italian consulate I have to stop and ask myself what year it is…..2009 right?? Because the things that Italian bureaucracy requires in order for me to get a student visa are absolutely ridiculous. Thus far, I have spent over $500 on various documents, notaries, and apostilles (stamp of certification from the state dept). Who knew it would be so difficult to actually GET there..

Things I have had to do:

  • Get transcripts from both high school and college
  • TRANSLATE both transcripts into Italian, reformatted in the exact same way as English version (I saved myself about $300 dollars by doing this translation on my own)
  • Notaries on everything. I think I am going to notarize my forehead to certify my insanity.
  • Back and forth to the Italian consulate which mind you is in Los Angeles and getting there is like pulling teeth.

I leave for Italy in a month, less, and who knows if by then I will have all the documents I need to leave. This is a really tedious process. In fact, it might have been just as tedious to read about. Oops… Well now I am sufficiently stressed out..

It’s 10am… too early for a glass of wine?? haha!

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