Breaking Bread: Meals Beyond their Boundaries

“There’s more to breaking bread than sharing a meal” is phrase that is seldom used in our modern world, but nonetheless conveys the importance that mealtime has taken on in almost every human culture.

To share a meal is more than simply taking in nutrients, but rather communal mealtimes take on a much higher social and emotional importance. In Italy specifically, mealtimes are of the most pivotal components of the Italian social and familial structure. In laughing over a plate of pasta, priceless fuel is added to the flame of Italian passion, the will to ‘eat’ on. Through eating together, we experience each others company, and embrace each others personal histories through age old recipes, and learn to truly appreciate the food in front of us.

The phrase “There’s more to a meal than just breaking bread” is a connotation of the religious and social power that mealtimes had in centuries past… and unfortunately in the hustle bustle world we live in, the role that mealtimes play in the daily routine has severely diminished. In America specifically, very few families have time to eat meals together… Breakfast is a rush, Lunch is at your desk amongst an avalanche of charts and graphs, and Dinner is a unique affair of collective isolation, featuring the television as the central star.

What does the future hold? What are your thoughts? What has the structure of the modern meal become in your society?


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