Il Mio Palazzo: The Italian Mansion

Waking up at 7am in a haze of both jet lag and being licked in the face by my friend’s wolf (yes, wolf) I was very much mentally prepared to move into my own place, one that I have been anticipating for the past month and a half..

After paying a 300E fee as a deposit for my place, my new roommates and I anxiously arrived at our apartment, which, from the outside is quite impressive. Made in the traditional Italian architectural style, the house towers above the street in 3 floors, large and yellow, covered in vines and surrounded by large trees.

My being the pessimist, I assumed the beauty of the outside was a nice façade to mask a horror that lurked inside..I could not have been more wrong.

The door creaked open as we looked inside with anticipatory excitement… this is our new home.

(granted things look a little stark now but we’re working on it)

Entrance Room
Our Living room... One of those windows opens to a Balcony
La Mia Cucina (my Kitchen)

And most importantly… My dear bedroom and my beloved bed.

My Room!
Complementary Ikea Light

Albeit the fact that I spent an additional 210E on various essentials at Ikea yesterday (Ikea in Italy?!?!), I am beginning to settle in quite nicely. Learning how to live on your own is much easier said than done.. I’ve eaten nothing but Mueslix and yogurt for the past 2 days (breakfast/lunch/dinner). Let’s hope my cooking skills improve as the year goes on……


2 thoughts on “Il Mio Palazzo: The Italian Mansion

  1. Hi There, I’m not sure if you will get this or not but I’ve been accepted into UNISG. I was wondering what your thoughts were? Any advice to a girl who’s never left the United States? I will be studying in the Masters FCC program. This house is beautiful. May I ask where it is? I was planning to stay on campus but I’m starting to think I should live off.

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