November Pork Festival: Diaries of a Jew in Italy

Are you there God (of bagels and lox), it’s me Michelle, please forgive me for today I have sinned.  I went to the most delicious festival in Zibello, the town best known for its production of Culatello, the prime and outrageously expensive variety of prosciutto. As sacreligious as this might be for one of the Jewish variety, I nonetheless had a religious experience with each bite of delicious cured meat that passed through my lips.

November Porc (yes spelled with a C) was just one of many celebrations Italian regions put on for their various famous products.

At the festival, aside from endless varieties of cured meat,  there was amazing cheese, artisanal beer, hand crafted china, wine, and everything else that puts spice into the life of the average Italian. I was a face in the crowd of hungry folks, all gathering for a general appreciation of pork products and the like….

This festival was the perfect remedy after a not so emotionally uplifting evening. Again, devouring my emotions. Delicious and absolutely recommended.  I find solace in cured meat. This isn’t abnormal right?


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