Ligurian Longstay

Ciao friends, I am off to Liguria today for another 5-day field trip. Just wanted to prompt you because I will  be back with many surprises and interesting things to share. If you want to do a little research. Liguria is the home of the Cinque Terre (gorgeous cliffside towns), Pesto, Focaccia Genovese, Olive Oil, and white wine.

I hope to eat more fish, friuts, and vegetables than I did in Sardegna, but just in case I am bringing my Fiber tablets….for emergency situations.. use your imagination.

See you next weekend. ❤

One thought on “Ligurian Longstay

  1. hello there! finally I found someone who is really going ( or gone) to UNISG! Im trying to apply for the gastronomy and food communication but so far i couldnt find no one that apllied for this course, would you indicate someone? How’s life for you around parma and colorno? Id love to keep in touch with some of the old students or current one, could you help me to find them? Tks Paloma/ Brasil!

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