“Lazy Foods”: Conveniently Inconvenient

Just came across this really interesting and incredibly relevant article on BBC news about the rise in popularity of “lazy foods” in the UK (and most likely US) market.. Lazy foods like peeled carrots, potatoes, pre-packaged lettuce, etc make life easy for those on the go… but could it have social, cultural and environmental consequences??

Take a look at the article, I thought it was pretty interesting.

What do you think?

Do you think lazy foods are detrimental to the taste of the product in it’s original form?

Are we becoming too distanced from the cultivation and natural processes of the foods we eat because of the rise in these convenience items??

One thought on ““Lazy Foods”: Conveniently Inconvenient

  1. Rebecca


    I think that “lazy food” has major cultural consequences. It encourages the part of our culture that wants things immediately without working for it. I think it puts people into an impatient mindset that is not good.

    On the other hand, I do love peeled garlic. It makes life so much easier and makes it much more likely that I will add garlic to my dishes!

    Keep up the great blog!


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