Delicious Granita: Overanticipating Summer

This winter in Parma has been absolutely brutal and seemingly neverending, just one week ago it snowed almost 2 feet. IN MARCH?!?!?! Ah, indeed. Though we joke that the winter will continue on until the proposed end of the world in 2012, the weather here is finally starting to show some promising upturns. SUN! (Can we say goodbye to our Seasonal Affective Disorder?)

As a tribute to the 60F weather and sun I am cherishing on this lovely Thursday, I figured I’d write a quick entry about Granita, a delicious summer Italian treat. Originating in Sicily, Granita is the what American’s know to be Italian ice (you know, that stuff Minute Maid sells in the squeeze tubes?). Anyway, made with sugar, ice, and various flavorings, Granita is basically my dietary staple in the hot months here in Italia.

Some of the traditional flavors are: Lemon, Orange, Coffee, Jasmine, Coffee, Almond, and Mint.

It can be eaten at any time of the day but a popular sicilian breakfast consists of a cold coffee granita and a brioche. Delish..

Summer please come soon. I am ready for my daily Granita.

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