Vinitaly: 5,000 Vineyards in 1 day

Sorry for the lack of updates, my mother was in town visiting and I have been drinking and eating my way around Italy… being a good host is oh so hard.

We were given the unique opportunity to go to Verona to attend the world’s largest wine convention, Vinitaly. Arriving at the front gate after a 2 hour car ride from Parma, my palate was cleansed, my mind cleared, and my desires ready to begin drinking some delicious wines (the fact that it was 10am was somehow irrelevant).

I went prepared, with business cards and resumes in hand, ready to meet future employers and drink my way into professional success, fortunately within this context as the wine began flowing, my ability to talk business with Italian vineyard owners was further elevated. Ah, the pleasures of alcohol.

This year, there were over 5,000 vineyards present representing all 20 regions of Italy. We only made it to a couple of them because the event was spread across almost an entire square mile of ground. Wine counters set up so beautifully mimicking real restaurants, serving delicious and rare wines all with one polite request “Posso assaggiare?” (May I taste?).

The only issue I found was the slight lack of food. Picture the scene, thousands of drunk Italians and various other internationals, running around a huge wine convention happy go lucky like an alcoholic at an open bar, with only crackers to eat. Granted you could buy sandwiches at the designated areas, but who has time to wait in line??? Too many wines to try!

Nonetheless, some good contacts were made, and some delicious wines were tasted. My particular favorites were the Brunello di Montalcino, a very expensive and delicious wine from the Tuscan countryside and of course, Passito di Pantelleria, a delicious dessert wine produced on the island of Pantelleria off the coast of Sicily.

I was thoroughly satisfied at the end of this day, even if my liver says otherwise.

For more information on past and future Vinitaly events, check out the website


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