Dos Cañas, Por Favor

Back to reality, I have had time to reflect on the amazing world that is southern Spain. I was blown away by the extensive world of food and drinks that Alicante had to offer, sunburnt and content I return to Parma wanting more.

My boyfriend, Andrea, having lived abroad in Spain, knew the ways of the land I and let him do most of the talking. After arriving at the airport at 9:30pm, I was worried we had missed the dinner hour, but Andrea reassured me that the Spanish don’t start eating dinner until at least 10pm. I was relieved and highly curious.

We began with Cañas, the Spanish term for a little glass of beer and a little plate of nuts and dried fava beans. Costing a small price of 2 Euros each, we enjoyed this world of Cañas a bit too much, having drunk about 6 liters of beer in the duration of the trip…my ass will thank me later.


After an entire day of sitting on the beach and baking in the hot Spanish sun, we enjoyed an aperitivo. I of course wanting to drink the culture, ordered the typical drink Tinto de Verano which was red wine mixed with lemon Fanta… I know this sounds really weird and kind of disgusting but it was one of the most refreshing beverages I have ever had… perhaps this is because I was on the verge of sunstroke but who cares?

Tinto de Verano and a Mojito

Tapas, Paella Valenciana, and all the like, I fell absolutely in love with this strange world that we had flown into. In Spain, you eat little portions, and often, there are no rules. In Italy, if you curl your pasta the wrong way around your fork you might offend the waiter, but here people were relaxed, vivacious, and happy in the summer sun.

Fried Sardines con Limon
Andrea and I after some Tapas

Now that I am back in the world of wine and carbohydrates, I can truly see the contrast of lifestyles between Spain and Italy that I had never before experienced first hand. I can’t wait to go back.

Ocean view from the castle in Alicante
Traditionally dressed Seville girls

Dos Cañas, Por Favor.

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