I Should Never Hike, Again.

As I mentioned before, my little weekend escape to the little valley of Pozza di Fassa in the region of Trentino Alto-Adige definitely did not disappoint, we took in the beautiful sights, we ate, we drank…beer mostly, and oh, did I mention we hiked up a 2300 meter (7, 545 ft) MOUNTAIN?!?!?!

Andrea thought it would be a nice idea to take a nice “camminata” or “walk” in the mountains seen that it was such a beautiful sunny day. Ignorantly I obliged, not having a clue what I was getting myself into. To say the least, this was not a walk, this was not even something that could closely resemble a nice stroll in the forest. Oh no, this was an uphill battle, in the most literal sense, that required not only hiking boots, but a hiking stick and some serious endurance.

Now I’d like to add that before this experience, I thought I was relatively in shape. Sure I eat and drink professionally, but I also go to the gym every now and then. Hell I can run on the tredmill for 45 minutes without dying! But any kind of previous physical training I may have had did not prepare me for the hike up to the refuge of San Nicolò.

View from the Top

I huffed and puffed, and sweated, and slipped, various times almost meeting my fate distorted at the bottom of a large revine. Seeing my boyfriend slowly getting smaller and smaller as he advanced the trail ahead of me, my vision blurred, I was tired, and thirsty, and highly looking forward to my reward Forst beer, brewed locally in the area. Trees began to take on the shapes of beer mugs, and rocks, ice. After a gruelling 3.5 hours of uphill hiking, we made it and sat down to a well deserved lunch.

I had a nice big bowl of pasta fagioli ( a type of bean and pasta soup) with a big mug of beer. It was the best beer I’ve ever had in my life, but I am not sure if that was because my legs were beginning to give out, or because it truly was that good.

Nonetheless, despite the physical endurance, my little vacation to Alto-adige was definitely an enlightening experience. To say the least, I don’t think I’ll be hiking again for a long, long while…unless of course I can do it with a camel pack of ice cold beer free flowing from a cooler strapped to my back. 😉

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