Grassroots Gourmet: Adopted by Italia

I’ve been picked up! Aside from the many Italian suitors that want to take me out for aperitivo (haha), Made In Kitchen, an Italian food website, has given me a column on their website. To them, I am the token American who has fallen deeply in love with their cuisine, excited to share my eating and drinking experiences with Italians who are hungry for an international opinion.

Every Wednesday, one of my articles will be published, exploring my discoveries of their beloved comestible specialties. The only problem? I HAVE TO WRITE THE ARTICLES IN ITALIAN! At first this proved to be an enormous challenge. Hell, I have been writing about food for the better part of 2 years, but now I have to do it in another language?! oy.

The first of my articles was published this week, and though my grammar is sub-par, I was able to get the message across that I am an absolute glutton for delicious food.

Here’s the link: An American in Parma…. Though my English speaking readers probably won’t understand the article, I consider this a serious achievement. I wrote about my experience at the Prosciutto di Parma factory. Living in Parma gives me some serious access to good eats, I may as well capitalize on my surroundings!

More articles to come, and considering my ‘bi-lingual’ writing abilities, this will definitely be an interesting development, both for Grassroots Gourmet, and my personal self worth 😉

If you want to follow my posts on Made in Kitchen, create an account, it’s really easy. The only problem is my articles will only appear on the Italian version of the site.

Keepin’ it Grassroots folks, or as they say in Italian, dedicato ai miei radici (dedicated to my roots).

Buona Giornata e Mangia!!!!


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