Warning: Disgusting

Balut, a Southeast Asian treat.


…but the locals call it an aphrodisiac…and believe me, nothing makes you feel sexier than biting into the crunchy, partially developed skeletal structure of an unborn animal.

Sold as street food in the Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam, the locals eat this stuff up with various spices and garnishes. Honestly all the hot sauce in the world couldn’t convince me that this is a good idea.

Taken directly from Wikipedia: “All of the contents of the egg may be consumed, although the white may remain uneaten; depending on the age of the fertilized egg, the white may have an unappetizing cartilaginous toughness. The ideal balut is 17 days old.”

Ugh. Call me culturally insensitive, but this is absolutely disgusting.


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