Embracing my Inner Gastronome

Since being accepted to the Italian Gastronomy and Tourism program at the University of Gastronomic Sciences, I have been doing some serious research on the school, the past and current students, and generally the life I should anticipate for myself in the coming year.

I have been absolutely thrilled at the things I have found. I have come across some really informative and interesting blogs from other students that have done the same program that I will soon do. Two examples of these blogs can be found at:

I have been making my best efforts to get into touch with these people before my program starts because I have already picked up on some important pointers on how to properly go about eating on my program. For example, on study trips we can expect to eat a lot of food, but not a lot of fibre, so they suggest we bring fiber supplements to eat along with regular meals to keep our digestive tracts happy. Who would have figured??

Anyway, here is a little more information from the website, An example Itinerary of a study trip we might be doing in Crete, Greece.

And here is a list of the classes I’ll be taking:

Anyway, I will be using Grassroots Gourmet to truly get into the nitty gritty of my studies in the next year and I have a very good feeling that I won’t be short on writing material. I even read one Iambic Cafe’s blog that we get to have an face to face session with Slow-Food founder, Carlo Petrini!! That man changed my LIFE!

Sometimes I have to pinch my arm to make sure all of this is actually happening.


Accepted to the University of Gastronomic Science in Italy!

Alrighty folks, looks like Grassroots Gourmet is in for another international facelift. After being abroad for nearly 2 months, traveling around Europe and doing almost no work at all besides eating/drinking myself to oblivion, I decided I needed to get my act together and really start planning my life around my interests!

So my final week in Italy I applied to the University of Gastronomic Science (Universita degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche) in Colorno, Italy (about 10km outside of Parma). The school was founded by Carlo Petrini, founder and mastermind behind the internationally known Slow Food movement. Not to be confused with a culinary school, the University of Gastronomic Science combines food culture, business, agricultural and ecologically sustainability practices to create a comprehensive knowledge of Italian Gastronomy.

Anyway, to my absolute delight, I was accepted to this university and will be starting classes in Colorno, Italy on November 18th 2009, the course lasts an entire year!

Click to see what my course list looks like http://unisg.it/pagine/eng/programs/master_in_italian_gastronomy_and_tourism/courses.lasso

I will be using this blog as a space to give detailed descriptions of what I learn in and outside of the classroom. This Masters course is basically foodie paradise. I am either going to come back morbidly obese, or a total yum wine connoisseur. Let’s hope the latter.

But nonetheless I am really excited to be sharing this experience with all my readers! Get ready for foodie paradise in the Italian countryside as I earn my masters in Italian Gastronomy and Tourism!! here we goooo!!