Vinegar to Cure my Influenza

Well lucky for me, *cough* I have come down with an intense case of the flu these past couple of days and have been stuck in bed with nothing to do besides find strange people on Chat Roulette (don’t even ask). But! Today we are going to the Ferrarini company in Reggio Emilia to see some traditional and authentic production of balsamic vinegar…the real stuff..

Get ready for an awesome post. I plan to take many a picture.

Ok, Grassroots Gourmet away!


Just a quick update to let you all know that I am alive and well, and of course eating healthy.

I have been extremely busy in my post-collegiate life, trying to make a career for myself in this lackluster and ridiculous economy.

I promise good things are on the rise. Entries will resume shortly.

Thanks to everyone who has been checking in!

Graduation Chaos

Hey All,

Sorry that my updates have been a bit sub-par lately. I am in the midst of graduating from college (THIS SATURDAY!) so I have been scrambling to tie all the loose ends before I embark on the cruise to unemployment. wooo yeah recession!

I promise good things are to come, I have just been going a little nuts with everything to be able to sit down and write some substantial goods.

Things will resume as normal shortly. I promise. 😉

Much love,