Transportation Alternatives: My Hell on Earth

Just a quick check-in. Though I feared earlier in the week that my Spain/France trip would be canceled on account of this lovely volcanic disaster going on here in Europe, my school decided to instead take a BUS to BORDEAUX! AHHH!!

We are leaving in about 30 mins and I will probably get there between 14-15 hours from now. This is a time in my life where a mild/deep sedative would be highly, highly useful..

Ah, the lives we gastronomes lead.

See ya next weekend! That is if I make it out of here alive!


Off to Spain? The Death of European Airspace

In theory, my UNISG classmates and I are going to seek gastronomic enlightenment in the French wine country of Bordeaux as well as the Spanish Basque country. Touring oyster farms, eating foie gras and confit, and of course drinking the delicious specialties of these regions, including Bordeaux wines as well as Txacoli wine from the Basque region.

Bordeaux wine country

Unfortunately, it seems that our group always runs into large bouts of good luck. Sardegna: blizzard, Liguria: Blizzard and high speed winds, just when the weather starts to normalize…. VOLCANO IN ICELAND CLOSES ENTIRE EUROPEAN AIRSPACE FOR AN INDEFINITE AMOUNT OF TIME! Cool.

Anyway, I write this entry in hopes of being able to part for my trip on Monday to Bordeaux. If you don’t hear from me, I’ll be back next Sunday with an update, if you hear from me before then, it means I didn’t go and I am very sad….and most likely hungry.

P.S. Iceland, WTF?!