Dinner with Scott Kennedy: Director of “The Garden”

Last night I was priviledged enough to have dinner with documentarian, Scott Kennedy, director of the Oscar nominated documentary, “The Garden.”

His film is a moving piece about the creation and destruction of a community garden started in South Central Los Angeles. The 14 acre garden was created as a way for the community to heal after the destruction of the 1992 L.A. riots.

Not only did the garden created by this community allow it to be self sustainable (environmentally friendly, growing its own food) but it also created an extraordinary sense of community that was lost to violence in the years prior to its creation.
Unfortunately, the city of Los Angeles decided to bulldoze the garden due to building plans, however the true reason for the garden’s destruction remains controversial.

Either way, dinner with Scott Kennedy was a truely wonderful experience and I am so happy that I was invited to meet with him.

Below is a trailer for the film. I highly suggest you check it out.